Questions & Answers

Q: What makes STUDIO WIXE stand out from the crowd?

A: We are taking the knowledge and experience you get at an independent optician and bring eyewear and optics of a grade one simply haven't been able to find online before. Genuinely well made glasses crafted from carefully selected materials. Every curve, hinge and rivet are details that are there for a well thought out reason.

Q: Where are your products made?

A: Our frames are handcrafted in Italy from 100% eco acetate. The natural leather case is made by hand in Sweden with Italian leather. The packaging is made in Sweden from recycled FSC-certified pulp.

Q: How do I measure if the frames will be a good fit for my face?

A: You can see the dimensions for each individual frame if you click it and scroll to the last image in the reel. Our frames are typically sized "medium". If you have an old pair of glasses, you can measure them from temple to temple and compare the distance. It's a good indicator. All our frames features a keyhole nose bridge, an old school design detail enhancing both comfort and fit.

Please e-mail us if you need advice, we can provide guidance and more model images if you need.

Q: Your glasses are priced higher than many other online eyewear stores. Why?

A: Historically, glasses online has been focused on price first, quality second - at best. We want to change that. At Studio Wixe you get the very high-end at a mid-range price point. Our goal isn't being cheap, quality eyewear never is, but it sure can be affordable.

Q: Do you fit prescription lenses for all kinds of refractive errors?

A: Yes. Our optometrists reviews your prescription and handpicks lenses suitable for you. The latest high-index lenses, scratch resistant, anti-reflection, water-repellant, and UV protective coatings are all included. No add-ons necessary. In the rare event that we can't help you out, we will get back to you and make a full refund of your purchase. 

Q: Does the 14 day return policy cover orders with prescription lenses as well?

A: Yes. You can order glasses with prescription lenses and return them within 14 days. Please note that since prescription lenses are tailored for you, a €50 re-stocking fee will be deducted from your refund amount for returns with prescription lenses. 

Q: Why can't I order progressive lenses?

A: As of now you're only able to order single-vision lenses with custom prescription directly from us. To fit progressives properly you need extra measurements that isn't in your prescription. Until we've figured out a way to deliver progressives online with satisfactory results, we recommend you order only the frame from us and take it to a trusted independent optician for progressive lens fitting.